“‘I love you’ means that I accept you for the person that you are, and that I do not wish to change you into someone else. It means that I will love you and stand by you even through the worst of times. It means loving you even when you’re in a bad mood, or too tired to do the things I want to do. It means loving you when you’re down, not just when you’re fun to be with. ‘I love you’ means that I know your deepest secrets and do not judge you for them, asking in return that you do not judge me for mine. It means that I care enough to fight for what we have and that I love you enough not to let go and walk away.”

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Dit vind je misschien ook leuk

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  • Reply Josephine 16/06/2013 at 16:44

    Die is mooi. Zelfgeschreven of ergens vandaan?

  • Reply Naomi 18/06/2013 at 09:26


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